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Beginning in the 2018/2019 school year, 11th and 12th graders not in an AP Science class will be required to take this course. This Forensic class will be in addition to the two years of science required for graduation and will give LPPA students three years of science, which most UCs want to see on a transcript. 

ICh. 1 Introduction to Forensic Science,
Ch. 2 The Crime Scene,
Ch 21 Careers in Forensics
1. Eyewitness Interviews
2. Eyewitness Ted Talk
3. Lab Safety
4. Anthropometric Lab
5. Who Owns these Bones
6. Locard’s Exchange Principle
7. Crime Scene Sketching (Drawing a Final sketch from scratch and creating a rough/final from a simulated scene)
8. Forensic Career Pamphlets
5 weeks
IICh.3 Physical Evidence
Ch. 5-Matter and Glass
1. Physical Evidence Ppt
2. Physical Evidence stations activity
3. Density of Materials Lab
4. Glass ppt
5. Glass Analysis and Reconstruction Lab
6. Glass Analysis Principles (Flotation Lab)
4 weeks
IIICh. 6 Drugs
Ch. 7 Forensic Toxicology
1. Drug ppt
2. Drug research (Info sheet and presentation)
3. Chromatography Quicklab
4. pH Quicklab
5. White Powder Analysis
6. Toxicology ppt
4 weeks
IVCh. 9 Forensic Serology
Ch. 10 DNA
1. Blood Basics ppt
2. Whodunnit lab
3. Testing for blood ppt
4. Presumptive Blood test lab (Kastle-Meyer Lab)
5. Paternity blood test lab (Who’s the Daddy)
6. DNA ppt
7. DNA fingerprinting activity (paper and pencil)
8. DNA Fingerprint lab
5 weeks
VCh 11 Crime Scene Reconstruction: Bloodstain Pattern Analysis1. Blood Splatter Lab (Wards)
2. Blood Stain Analysis Lab
3 weeks
VICh 12 Trace Evidence I (hair and fiber)
Ch 13 Evidence II (Metals, paint and soil)
1. hair inquiry
2. Hair evidence
3. Murder and a meal
4. Student soil samples
5. Soil analysis
4 weeks
VIICh 14 Fire Investigations
Ch. 15 Investigation of Explosions
1. Combustion Lab
2. Explosives Foldable
3. Chemistry and Explosions Activity
3 weeks
VIIICh 16 Fingerprints1. My Prints Lab
2. Flinn Fingerprint lab
2 weeks
IXCh 17 Firearms, Toolmarks and Other Impressions1. Toolmark Challenge
2. Footwear Impression Lab
3. Gunshot Residue Demo
4. Comparing Bullets
3 weeks
XCh 18 Document Examination1. Handwriting Comparison Lab
2 weeks

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