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In the mentorship program, students are matched in “pods,” with one or two mentors for every three to four students. They will meet in this group for the year. Matching requires that each student and mentor fill out a “match” form that indicates interests, so that we can pair students with mentors that they can connect with.

Mentors from the legal community meet with the LPPA juniors approximately 7 times a school year in the library. The meeting takes place during fourth period class. For this reason, the juniors have their LPPA class during fourth period, so that students do not need to be pulled out of class for the mentor meeting.

In May, the LPPA Advisory Committee holds a year-end dinner for the graduating seniors prior to graduation. The seniors may each invite two family members. Invitations should go out to their families in late April and the students should let the Head Teacher know by early May (we can pick an exact date) if they will attend and how many guests they will bring. The dinner is held at McGeorge School of Law. The Advisory Committee provides food, typically through monetary donations from law firms and members of the community.

The LPPA Advisory Committee will ask someone from the community to be the keynote speaker. Previously, Judge England, DA Anne Marie Schubert, and Judge Blizzard have spoken. The Head Teacher and the Advisory Committee Chair also make remarks. Two student speakers, chosen by the LPPA teachers (or senior teacher), will also speak. In the past, students have done a speech writing competition to determine who will speak.

Finally, at the Year-End Dinner, the graduating seniors receive their LPPA stoles.


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