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Law & Public Policy Academy


"I'm in this program because it challenges my analytical skills, pushes me to use my voice, and offers me constant academic support through the teachers and my own peers".

"I know being a lawyer its very important to have good public speaking skills so I feel like me being in LPPA academy would help improve my public speaking skills" (sic).

"LPPA is not easy, but its not difficult as long as you do your work and pay attention".

"Everyday is a new discussion that gets you thinking, and motivates you to strive harder".

"LPPA has helped me learn about the real world. In a regular school program the topic of discussion is hardly ever current events. LPPA is and has helped me gain important life knowledge (sic)."

"Being in the program has taught me how to analyze all points of view in a situation and understand someones point of view".


C. K. McClatchy High School
Law & Public Policy Academy
3066 Freeport Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95818


D. T. Martin
Phone: (916) 395-5050, x503075